Christian Counseling

Find local support to help you face the challenges of life.

What is Christian Counseling?

In general, counseling is an opportunity to explore, share, and work through the challenges of life. It’s especially helpful when we’re feeling emotionally “stuck.” Christian counseling offers the perspective of a Christian counselor with the added insight of the Bible.

Who Should Consider Counseling?

Counseling is for anyone and everyone. It can be especially helpful if you’re feeling:

  • Stuck

  • Worn Down
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Frustrated about Life
  • Dealing with Addiction
  • Overwhelmed
  • Depressed
  • Anxious about the Future
  • Struggling with Relationships
  • Spiritually Far From God
  • Sad
  • Guilty About Your Past

What Happens During Counseling?

Counseling sessions typically last around 45 minutes. What is shared during your session is confidential. This means your counselor will not share what was discussed during your session with anyone. Your counseling session is your time to share whatever’s on your mind. Sometimes a counselor may open your time with a question.

Download 10 Benefits of Counseling

There are many benefits to talking with a counselor. Find out 10 great benefits to meeting with a counselor today and learn all the things you may be missing out on by waiting.

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You’re Invited

If you’re feeling emotionally drained or stuck, you’re not alone. Church is filled with people just like you — men and women who are trying to find healing from the hurts of life. We’d love for you to visit this weekend. You can be sure that God sees you and cares about all the things you’re going through right now.

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